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2010-04-17 13:33:12 by 2Play would just like to say hello to Newgrounds! We are a new flash game portal that recently launched and will be releasing two new games monthly here on Newgrounds, we hope you guys will enjoy everything we submit! If you do remember you can follow us on our site Twitter, Myspace, or join our Facebook fan page!


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2010-04-27 12:05:53

who gives a shit i dont that is for 2 year olds and little girls so go fuck yourself


2010-04-27 16:14:56

Hello :D
Have been enjoying both of your games so far, hope you guys keep up the good work! :D


2010-05-18 18:48:51

St1k? Did you start a site?
I mean, other than the fact that your only sponsored games are made by St1k, everything about the logo and site designs just scream of St1k! I can always recognize your work so easily :D